First Full Body Picture 5/10/11

First Full Body Picture 5/10/11

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally can update....

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I was without a computer.... Not much has changed! :( since Brailyn's surgery I have not been to the gym more then a handful of times, and it's killing me. I just need the motivation again.... One positive thing is m weight hasn't changed which I am shocked about. One reason is because we went to Idaho last week and I didn't think I did that great about eating but I must have done something right. But I need YOUR help with getting me back in the groove now that both babies are mobile and everywhere... Lol so check in with me to see how I am doing. I will update this as often as I can!! Until next time... :)

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  1. I got the ok from my dr to go back to the gym, but just light stuff for now, like the treadmill and I can swim =) So when do you wanna go? <3 nicole