First Full Body Picture 5/10/11

First Full Body Picture 5/10/11

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finally can update....

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I was without a computer.... Not much has changed! :( since Brailyn's surgery I have not been to the gym more then a handful of times, and it's killing me. I just need the motivation again.... One positive thing is m weight hasn't changed which I am shocked about. One reason is because we went to Idaho last week and I didn't think I did that great about eating but I must have done something right. But I need YOUR help with getting me back in the groove now that both babies are mobile and everywhere... Lol so check in with me to see how I am doing. I will update this as often as I can!! Until next time... :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My progress this week!

On Monday I started working out during the day and I am loving it! Also I started putting the babies in the child care and they seem to be doing ok.... so far! I know it can take up to 3 days before kids realize what is happening everyday so we will see. This is making it so I can be home when Brad is home at night and also getting a break!
I have an appt with my doctor tomorrow to check my weight loss progress and seeing if he wants me to continue on the pill... but I think I am doing ok now so maybe I wont need it anymore. Also I am meeting with my trainer again and always look forward to that! I get to work on parts of my body that I dont during cardio and so it makes me feel good. Well I will post again tomorrow after all my appts and my training! Thanks for continuing to follow me on my weight loss journey!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

After working out... lol

So I went and met with my trainer and asked for some measurements! Here they are:

Chest: 54 3/4
Waist: forgot to remeasure cause the tape was to short. :(
Thigh: 30 1/2 (6 inches above my knee)
Calf 18 1/4
Bicep 17 3/4

Last week I went to another gym and they checked my BMI and Body Fat % and I can say I have lost some!! So happy. My Body Fat % was to high last time that it just read E4 and this time is actually had a number. It was 49.7%! I know that is HIGH but that is telling me that I have lost Body Fat!!! My BMI last week was 53.3 and this time it was like 51(didnt write it down). That is a huge inprovement for me! :)

I had Brad take a few pictures of my body last week and I will try to get them up soon! Thanks for following my journey to becoming my OWN biggest loser!

Before I head to the gym....

The past 2 weeks have been sooo fun but also a little hard on me! We went to Idaho last weekend and had an amazing time but didnt work out as much as I should have! This week I have worked out twice(not counting this morning) so I am starting off ok. I will be asking my trainer for my measurements FINALLY so those will be posted later today. One exciting thing though is I stepped on my scale this morning and I am now down to 312 lbs!!! I must be doing something right cause that is 16 lbs in 3 weeks! Keep following me as I continue doing this for myself and my family!
Something that a trainer told me that has stuck with me: "You cant climb Mt. Everest in one day, so you cant expect to lose all the weight in one day. It takes months and months of training to climb Mt. Everest and then it takes a month or so to even climb it after you have started! So you need to keep working at losing weight and it will come off as time goes on." I loved that he said this because it is so true! I am not the person that likes easy fixes(cause they dont work for me) so I will continue to workout, drinking plenty of water and eating healthier. I am excited to post my next post! Thanks for following!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Where I am today....

My friend Melissa has a blog to have others follow her on her weight loss journey and I thought that was an amazing idea... so I am now doing it. :) My trainer has not measured me yet, but I want you to know where I started before working out and meeting with my doctor and trainer.

Starting weight:
          4/26/11  327 lbs (No clothes on my scale)
          4/28/11  329 lbs (Fully Clothed on docs scale)Started Phentormine-weight loss pill to get a jump start
          5/9/11    318 lbs (my scale)

My doc asked me to work out at least 4-5 times a week. Last week I did 4 days so my goal this week is to do 5! I dont want to put my goal weight on here because in the past when I would have one... I would hit a plateu and then give up. Every time this happened, I would gain the weight back plus some. The weight I was at when I started, is 7 lbs shy from where I was when I delivered the babies. I will be happy for my first goal to get down to my pre pregnancy weight.... 265lbs!! So I am excited to have you follow me on here and make sure I am sticking to this. I need the ENCOURAGEMENT from my family and friends! Thank you!!